Poster Presentation Guidelines

2018 AFPA Poster Presentation Guidelines


It is the objective of the Poster Session to provide a venue for researchers to
present their work in a collegial atmosphere. In this Poster Session, completed
researches that have not yet been published, innovative research with
preliminary objective data and case reports on timely and interesting topics are
welcome. In this setting it is hoped that the Poster Session will invite comments
and foster meaningful discussion of the presented research in a timely and
efficient format.

Call for Abstracts

On behalf of the PPA Research Committee 2017, we would like to encourage all
participants of the 2018 AFPA International Congress (including those still in
training) to submit abstracts for the Poster Session.

General Submission Guidelines

  1. Up to three (3) Posters may be submitted for review per author, and only one (1) presenter per poster will be allowed.
  2. Duplicate submissions will be deleted.
  3. Poster abstract submissions will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee on the basis of sound research and ethical principles. Poster acceptance emails will be sent out no later than November 19, 2017.
  4. All presenters must be available to present at the International Congress and must register for the Congress prior to the date of the presentation.
  5. Although the same abstract/s can be submitted for both Poster and Free Paper Sessions, please submit these separately as they will be reviewed separately. (see below on Email Submission Guidelines)
  6. Poster Presentation Deadline For Submission: NOVEMBER 1, 2017

Email Submission Guidelines

  1. Please send all submissions to
  2. Please use the following Subject Heading: AFPA 2018 Poster
  3. The body of the email should include the following:
    • The author’s name (title, full first name, family name)
    • Place of work (institution, street address, city, country)
    • Contact details (telephone number, email address)
    • Funding disclosures
    • Complete titles of the attached abstracts
    • Either of the following statements “I agree to have my abstract/s published in a supplement to the Philippine Journal of Psychiatry’s latest issue” OR “I do not agree to have my abstract/s published in a supplement to the Philippine Journal of Psychiatry’s latest issue
  4. Abstract/s with titles(see below for specific instructions for Abstract Format Guidelines) is/are required for the Poster Session Submission as an attached document.
  5. All attachments should be in a document compatible with the Word application (.docx, .doc, etc)
  6. Please send one (1) email per type of presentation per author (i.e. one author can use one email to submit 2 Free Paper presentations, but must send another email to send 3 Poster presentations)

Abstract Format Guidelines

  1. The Abstract Title should have a maximum of 200 characters, including spaces.
  2. Please list all co-authors in the correct order.
  3. The body of the abstract should have a maximum of 4000 characters, including spaces. The abstract should be a concise description of the methodology, results, findings and conclusions.

Free Paper Presentation Session Guidelines

  1. Presenters/Authors are expected to stand next to their posters throughout the duration of the Poster Session
  2. The poster should fit in a 1 meter (width) by 1.8 meter (tall) standee. Font size of text should be no smaller than 1 centimeter in height, and larger fonts will be appreciated, as space will allow.
  3. Authors should also include the following information in the poster: (1) funding disclosures in the poster and (2) best way to contact them for questions/comments (email, website etc).